Investigative Services for the Individual, Business & Government

Shoplifting and Internal theft of products (shrinkage) are subjects of investigation by Demopoulos & AssociatesGeneral Investigative Services – Individuals, other businesses and government agencies also use private investigators. When they do, they contact Demopoulos & Associates for assistance. Our specialized experience effectively translates in many, more general investigative situations. These include: background checks, the workplace and profiling services.

Certified Fraud Examiners – When you suspect fraud, but lack proof, the certified fraud examiners at Demopoulos & Associates can help you determine the facts. Our specialists assist with cases of suspected financial fraud involving: companies, business partners or investors.

School district residence verification is a service offered by Demopoulos & AssociatesOther General Investigative Services:

In addition to the specialized services offered to law firms and insurance companies, we also offer:

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Case Intake FormCase Intake Form (Existing Clients Only)

If you are an existing client and wish to expedite the intake of a new case, please use our online Case Intake Form. A Demopoulos & Associates agent will contact you within one business day following our receipt of your successfully submitted form.

Surveillanceand shadowing is a common service performed by Demopoulos & AssociatesOther Services – Public school districts are mandated to limit attendence to students residing within a specific neighborhood or city boundry. To satisfy these requirements, school district administrators contact Demopoulos & Associates to verify the residency of students within the defined geographic area.

Demopoulos & Associates provides discreet but thorough profiling and other investigative services tailored to the client’s specific objectives.

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