Investigative Services for Insurance Companies

Fire and arson investigation are part of the specialized services offered insurance companies by Demopoulos & AssociatesMarket Specialists – When insurance companies require the assistance of a private investigator they contact Demopoulos & Associates. Our agency has experience investigating claims associated with: auto and property theft, fire and arson, vehicular accidents and workers compensation.

Certified Fraud Examiners – Fraud is often a factor in claims review, but can be difficult to prove. The certified fraud examiners at Demopoulos & Associates work closely with insurance companies in such situations, including: overestimates of value, unnecessary testing, fraudulent billing and phantom claim submissions.

The Healthcare industry is often the subject of insurance clams requiring investigationSpecialized Investigative Services Include:

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Case Intake FormCase Intake Form (Existing Clients Only)

If you are an existing client and wish to expedite the intake of a new case, please use our online Case Intake Form. A Demopoulos & Associates agent will contact you within one business day following our receipt of your successfully submitted form.

Other Services – Helping Insurance companies separate legitimate claims, from those that are not, is exactly what we do every day. As a full service agency, Demopoulos & Associates assist with the investigation of claims regarding private, commercial and leased: cars and trucks; airplanes, boats and ships.

Video surveillance is a common service performed by Demopoulos & AssociatesOur extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare fraud investigation encompasses virtually every area of the industry, including: hospitals, clinics, doctors, surgeons, physicians, chiropractors and dentists. On behalf of the insurance companies, we routinely investigate their practices and procedures as well as the patients they serve.

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